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Vocabulary for
Wood Industry

Ozone hole researchImpact of ozone hole on marine environment Biosorption research Waste water purification and reutilization Oil spill bioremediation
Hybrid cars: an economical, environmentally friendly solution for intelligent drivers.

Ozone hole effects on benthic marine communities are dramatic, but reversible.

Recording Greek and European forest legislation: what a task!

Tsunami's, tidal waves and Seiche's: Giant waves.

Ecological restoration: bringing terrestrial and aquatic habitats back to life.

Tanzania's National Parks: heaven on earth

Development of a new, user-friendly European and Greek forest legislation data base completed.

Bird's eye views: OikoTechnics collaborates with National Geographic's experts to mount cameras on birds, fishes, and mammals.

OikoTechnics participates in international Forest Monitoring and Auditing vocational training project (TFMA) funded by EU'S Leonardo da Vinci program (completed).

OikoTechnics participates in international vocational training project on the Language of Safety Signals and Health Signs in the Wood Industry - LANSAWOOD funded by EU's Lifelong Learning Program (completed).

OikoTechnics participates in the Vocational English Training for the Wood Industry - VETWOOD international project funded by EU's Leonardo da Vinci subprogram of the Lifelong Learning Program (completed).

Industrial waste water detoxification research project praised by EC's DG-XII.

Public Forest Monitoring forum launched on OikoTechnics website.

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