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Organising a Centre for Monitoring and Control of Environmental Contamination by Heavy Metals

EU Program: PHARE
Coordinator: Regas Santas
Contract #: 95-1274.00, DG-Ia
Status: Completed
Year: 1995
Duration: 18 months
EU contact person: C. Elisée, Bonifica
Partners: Balkan Ecological Centre (BEC) Ekaterina Pavlova Sofia 1756
Higher Forestry Institute 10 Kl. Ochridski st BULGARIA

Project objectives

The project aimed at:

  1. the development of new areas of activities for the institution of BEC,
  2. the achievement of higher life standards for a significant part of the Bulgarian population, and
  3. the establishment of a long-term partnership between OTI and BEC.

These objectives specifically included:

1. Institutional Development
To complement BEC's ongoing activities by assisting BEC's expansion into new areas of expertise, and, thus, enhance BEC's prestige as an institution of environmental policy design and implementation.

2. Socio-economic Development
To stimulate public and government environmental awareness through dissemination of information leading to government action for public health improvement and pollution abatement; to propose and implement population/environmental remediation measures and methods for cleaner and more efficient use of natural resources.

3. International Collaboration
To establish a long-term partnership for exchange of experience and technological know-how between OTI and BEC, thus contributing to the convergence of Bulgaria to EU quality standards.

Critical project results

1. Developmental

  • Improved organisation of BEC
  • Μanagerial and technical staff specialisation and training
  • Εfficient laboratory instrumentation and operation

2. Environmental

  • Determination of the distribution and magnitude of environmental contamination due to heavy metal release by industrial activities and fossil fuel combustion both in the human population and in the natural environment.
  • Identification of entrance points and fate of selected heavy metals in the environment. Construction of mass balances for same metals including their sources, sinks, and accumulation reservoirs.
  • Increased public awareness on environmental and public health issues.
  • Elevation of BEC's status to a national advisory board specialising in environmental and public health issues, and increased BEC presence and publicity in the international scientific scene.
  • Partnership agreement between OTI and BEC for continuation of project activities in Bulgaria and common action for expansion to other Phare countries.


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