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Vocabulary for
Wood Industry


The project aims at providing training methodology and materials for vocational college students, university students, specialists and managers in forestry and environmental protection in relation to forest monitoring and audit in order to implement the policy of the EU on forest conservation and environmental protection.

The project aims will be achieved through the development of:

I. Training multimedia product and manual which will include:

  1. Background information: description of European framework and country-specific framework on forest protection, forest policy development, etc.
  2. Methodology for forest monitoring and audit: training modules for the various aspects of the monitoring and audit – ecosystem diversity overview, health condition of the valuable both economically and ecologically tree species, assessment of antropogeneous effects

II. Design of a training module based on case studies

III. Training of targeted groups: development of differentiated approach of training:

  1. Training for professionals aiming at expanding their knowledge in forest monitoring and audit and acquiring new qualification skills
  2. Training for university students aiming at acquiring new skills and competences and initiating a change in their curriculum
  3. Training for college students aiming at acquiring new skills appropriate for their level and initiating a change in their curriculum

IV. Partners’ web-site with continually updated on-line information; information brochure


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