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Vocabulary for
Wood Industry


The innovation of the project is the provision of a tool for training for forest monitoring and audit for the fist time in Europe. The proposed innovative vocational training products will be available to a wide range of students, specialists, managers and administrators, and disseminated for transnational learning. Most important training product innovations include:

  1. Comprehensive theoretical presentation to the targeted groups of important issues of the forest monitoring and audit in Europe.
  2. The training tool will be developed on the basis of case studies for different levels of professional knowledge.
  3. Differentiated approach to training of the targeted groups will be adopted.
  4. Initiating introduction of training for forest monitoring and audit in vocational school and university curricula.

The project is providing impetus for the development of a shared European Domain of vocational training. It also guarantees reliability and soundness of methods used in forest monitoring and audit.


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