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Training for Forest Monitoring and Audit

The Training for Forest Monitoring and Audit (TMFA) project addresses the need for vocational training of future and existing specialists in the field of forestry and environmental protection. It will meet the continuously growing need for knowledge and skills related to forest monitoring and audit. At the moment there is no formal vocational school and university training for forest monitoring and audit in the EU. The situation is more serious in Central and Eastern Europe where the notion of forest monitoring and audit is quite recent.

With the enlargement of the European Union the need for collaborative approach or specific methodology for the assessment of sustainable forest management practices has become urgent. At the same time the issues related to forest conservation and environmental protection are relatively recent in the context of the hundreds of years of forest use. In the last decades the adverse effects of pollution have severely taken their toll on our planet, and have made people seriously set about solving the environmental problems such as transnational pollution.

The partners have identified this need based on their own experience and expertise in activities related to forestry and forest management and environmental protection. The specialists from these sectors have brought up the issues at different meetings, post-graduate courses, national and international events.

The partners are concerned about the state of forests and environment in our common European “home” and feel responsible for protecting its greatest asset – Nature. The project will address this priority making it an achievable goal through establishing partnership between colleges and universities, on the one hand, and administrative, non-profit and profit organizations, on the other hand, to share their expertise and plan their future work activities accordingly.

The proposed project will provide impetus to developing a shared European Domain of vocational training, in general, and will guarantee reliability and soundness of methods used in forest monitoring and audit, in particular.

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